Yes. The eCPL is an official League Qualifier for the EA SPORTS™ FIFA 21 Global Series. As an official qualifier, the eCPL enjoys two guaranteed seats at the Global Series North America Playoff. The seats will be awarded to the eCPL Xbox and PlayStation champions respectively.

The eCPL Xbox andPLayStation champions will each receive CAD $ 2,000 in prize money along with a guaranteed seat at the North American Regional Playoffs for the EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Global Series on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup. 

Yes! We are looking for Canada’s Xbox and PLaystation FIFA champions. These two champions will represent Canada at the North America Playoffs on the road to the FIFA eWorld Cup. 

Two. There’s an Xbox Final ( April 14th) and a Playstation Final (April 21st). The winner of each Final is crowned champion.

No. eCPL 2021 is exclusive to ONLY players who reside in, or are citizens of, of Canada. Competitors must also be 16 year or older to be eligible to compete.

The EA SPORTS FIFA 21 Global Series is exclusive to Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Visit https://ecpl.gg/trials.  Click on the Register button for either the Xbox or PlayStation Trial. Complete the form and submit. Make sure you complete the form accurately.

To qualify for an eCPL Final you must finish in the top 8 of the corresponding online national Trial. 8 players will qualify through each online Trial. In total 16 players that will earn spots in the eCPL Console Finals (8 on PLayStation and 8 on Xbox).

No there is no entrance fee to join the tournament.

There is a cash prize of CAD $2,000 for each console champion. 

Players are allowed to use a FIFA Ultimate Squad with a maximum rating of 87 overall with no attribute cards attributed to players.

A leaderboard link will be added to the navigation once tournament start https://ecpl.gg/leaderboard

Xbox Trials (March 23rd/24th), PlayStation Trials (April 6th/7th), Xbox Final (April 14th),  PlayStation Final (April 21st).

No. Once you have qualified for an eCPL Final you have earned a seat in the Final and are therefore ineligible to compete in any other qualification events for the remainder of the season. Any winners that register for remaining events will be deregistered.